Lane Kirkland Scholarship Programme

The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program is an exchange activity initiated in May 2000 by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation (PAFF). The Program's core founding is provided by PAFF. The Education for Democracy Foundation (FED) administers the Program under the rubric of a cooperative agreement with the PAFF.

The Education for Democracy Foundation handles all aspects of the program administration, with special emphasis on recruitment and selection of the best candidates for scholarships; identification of the most appropriate academic placements for each Fellow; and closely monitoring the Fellows' experience in Poland to ensure that it is as beneficial as possible. The work plan relates to FED requirements for: nation-wide open competition, final selection, academic placement, orientation, monitoring, evaluation, fiscal management, and travel services, etc.

The purpose of the Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program is to share Polish experiences in economic, social and political transformations within the framework of a two-semester supplementary study program (for MA degree holders) in Polish schools of higher education and 2-4 week professional internships in governmental and private institutions. Scholarship grantees from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyz Republic were placed and conducted their study program in the following academic centers: Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań and Lublin.