Study Abroad Programme

Jagiellonian University, fully accredited by the US Department of Education

Applications are now being accepted for the Autumn semester and the Full Academic Year of 2021/2022.

The Department of International Polish Studies offers students from other universites the chance to spend one semester or an entire academic year as a full-time student of the Department of IPS and the Jagiellonian University within the framework of the Study Abroad Programme. In this way, international students have the opportunity to experience and live in the metaphysical and time-honoured city of Kraków whilst studying at the most prestigious university in Poland. Today, the Jagiellonian University attracts over a thousand foreign students annually.

To answer their needs, the Department of IPS organizes lecture courses for international undergraduate students who will find in both Kraków and the Jagiellonian University an internationally renowned center of artistic creation and humanistic and scientific research. It is here that students have the chance to study in depth the most important issues and problems of contemporary culture that confront modern Polish Studies today while remaining dedicated to the historical context.

The offered curriculum, based upon highly original programs, is taught in English by distinguished experts from the most influential and leading academic centers in Poland (i.e. Kraków, Warszawa), important figures of artistic life, and also by professors from abroad.

The curriculum is run in five modules: Literature, Culture, Jewish Studies, History, and Language. To complete a semester, students are obliged to choose at least five courses from the offered curriculum, for which they receive 30 ECTS credit points (according to the European Credit Transfer System).

Students are not obliged to learn the Polish language but are encouraged to include such courses in their own interdisciplinary curricula.

Recognizing that for today's students, higher education is becoming a world that knows no borders and the demands of knowledge has become an organizing principle of globalized societies, the Department of IPS maintains a database of available internships within the public and private sectors in Poland and the rest of Europe. The Department of IPS encourages and provides assistance for students interested in gaining the valuable practical experience that an internship offers upon the completion of studies at IPS.

Mr. Michał Zając: cash@uj.edu.pl